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Greetings from the President,

SCM Academy, now ISCA (International Supply Chain Academy), was born from my desire to contribute to the production leadership of our companies in the international scenario. Throughout my experience of manager in the national and international, I have founded Logistics Associations in several countries to increase trade, and manufacturing know-how that have always distinguished our companies. With a team of logistics professionals involved in ISCA,  I intend to continue to operate, as a non-profit, in the field of Supply Chain to increase the potential of competitiveness of Italian companies, through wide collaborations and partnerships with domestic and international companies and institutions.
ISCA  is also aimed at the objective of specialized training in the management of the supply chain, to increase the central and fundamental role of human resources of companies in the growth of our economy.

Domenico Netti

​President of ISCA (formerly SCM Academy)

Our Mission

Human Resources are an essential factor for both social and financial transformations and it represents the main priority for the growth strategies.

These definitons are built into the principles of ISCA, born as SCM Academy thanks to to the initiative of a group of European logistics professionals.


ISCA's objectives

SCM Academy, now ISCA (International Supply Chain Academy), was created to help companies to innovate and expand into international markets, through exchanges of know-how in the working groups, support desks available for member companies and training programs, aimed at logistics managers or at those who work in other business area and want to deepen their knowledge of logistics.

SCM Academy, now ISCA (International Supply Chain Academy), - No profit Association - was created to increase the efficiency of companies and to help them compete in the global market. Our challenge is to make companies more competitive, not by cutting costs and services or by relocating production plants; but through the introduction of technological and organizational innovation.
Our first goal is to
increase production in Italy, at the expense of often unmotivated relocation, increasing the ability of companies to export the technology or the made in Italy, thus restoring the historical potential of Italian companies.
The second objective
is include young graduates or graduates in supply chain management, through training and internships in the companies, both in Italy and abroad. In this regard, we are currently working to establish cooperation agreements with  organizations and universities of the Russian Federation .
One of ways to achieve the two above mentioned objectives will be to activate
Working Groups, in which experts from private and public companies together identify processes and innovative technologies designed to reduce costs without affecting services. With particular reference to health, the Association aims to introduce models of efficiency gains already successfully applied in private businesses

A second solution is represented by
Support Desks which, in accordance with their statutory principles, ISCA makes available free of charge to member companies.

The initiatives also include SCM Academy
Training courses and Master of high specialization in Supply Chain management, held by Italian and foreign managers, protagonists of the evolution of the supply chain at an international level.

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