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One of main international partners of SCM Academy is MIIT, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), the oldest institution of high technology in Russia founded in 1896. Today MIIT is the largest scientific and academic complex in Russia in the field of training and master of scientific and academic transport and infrastructure construction.
At January 2013 the 1st, its amount of students has exceeded 118,000 including those who follow programs of high professional education (about 45,000) and those who follow programs of secondary vocational education (over 19,000).

Horizons is a unique advisory firm providing highly specialized legal and tax solutions that allow enterprises to thrive in today’s complex transnational corporate environment.


Horizons is a Corporate Advisory with a highly specialized focus on transnational corporate transactions and their related aspects. Our expertise helps guide businesses in navigating the complex landscape of rules, regulations and cross-cultural nuances related to the modern corporate life cycle.


Horizons is committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of all information pertaining to its clients, potential clients, their affiliates and affiliated individuals. 

Thanks to the international partnerships, ISCA is able to organise stages among Companies and Institutes based in countries like Russia and Cina. Partecipants, besides improving their knowledge of the Supply Chain Management themes, will also have the possibility to attend Basic Russian and Chinese classes, in order to be able to directly interact with their conversation partners.
Another international partner of SCM Academy is ITKOR Institute, a well-estabilished Russian reality, founded in 1966 and operating in different Marketing fields (research, new products' development and promotion, trademarks, business strategies) as well as into Sales Management, Logistica, and Business Plan Definition aimed to attract both Russian and foreign investments.

ITKOR realizes professional Training and Developement plans, both for Privates and Companies, with the release of Russian State approved Certifications. ITKOR's also operating into the Organizaton of Conferences and Round Tables. Furthermore the Institute is the editor of specialistic pubblications regarding Logistics, Marketing and Financial themes in the B2B segment.
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